I’ve got my tickets to Iron Maiden, baby! If you are a big Iron Maiden fan or have friends or family who are then we have some brilliant gift ideas that they will love.  From T-shirts and other items of clothing and calendars, watches and even tickets to the concerts there is an Iron Maiden gift for every budget.

Black Iron Maiden Powerslave Print T Shirt


Black Iron Maiden Powerslave Print T Shirt


Featuring the iconic Powerslave album cover, this t-shirt is a great choice for fans of the 1984 Maiden album. With designs this good, you’ll WANT to become a slave to the power!

Iron Maiden Shot Glass


Iron Maiden Shot Glass


If Iron Maiden ale isn’t strong enough for your liking, then this Eddie designed shot glass is perfect for holding your favourite tipple.

-30% Official Band Backpack


Official Band Backpack

£29.99 £21.00

Carry all your belongings to college or the office in this Iron Maiden backpack.

Iron Maiden Trooper Ale 8x 500ml


Iron Maiden Trooper Ale 8x 500ml


Developed by Iron Maiden and Bruce, the Trooper ale is the perfect drink to relax with on a summer’s evening. Featuring a light, yet strong taste, this is one of our favourite ales.

23:58 Two Minutes to Midnight Unisex T-Shirt


This play on the hit song 2 minutes to midnight is a bit of an inside joke which only other Maiden fans will get. We love it!

WoeToYou Unisex T-Shirt


Featuring the opening lyrics from the hit 1982 song, this Number of the Beast inspired t-shirt is a fantastic gift choice for Maiden fans.