Kids love gifts! But you know what they really love? Homemade gifts. Kids will enjoy getting something that was made just for them, and it is a great way to get your kids involved in the holidays as well. And what makes these homemade gifts even better? The fact that they are inexpensive and easy to make! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create some beautiful handmade gifts for children that are perfect for any holiday occasion.

While it may seem like the most thoughtful gift you can give to someone is from a store, homemade gifts for kids are often not only more enjoyable but also healthier in some senses. From making clothespin dolls and make-at-home slime that older children can enjoy by themselves while they play, or even spending time making something together like customized aprons

Here are some great, simple gift ideas you can make at home with the kids :

  • Clothespin dolls: these gifts are a great way to use up scrap fabric and make something the kids will love. All you need is clothespins, some thread for stringing them together with, and scraps of cloth from old shirts or pants that can be cut into doll shapes. Great for younger children!
  • Make -at-home slime: this is a fun activity for kids of all ages. They can buy the ingredients separately or go in on it together as a family and make their own batch with different combinations to see which ones they like best!
  • Small gifts – These are not only easy to make, but they also don’t require a lot of time or money. You could grab some tissue paper and glue, and then get creative with your child! They can put together simple gifts like snowflake ornaments that will be sure to brighten up the holiday season for those on your list.
  • Creative cards – If you don’t have the time or money to buy gifts this year, but you still want to give your friends and family members a little something special for the holidays, consider sending them some creative holiday greetings! These are easy enough that kids can help with making them too.
  • Homemade tree ornaments – These are some of the easiest gifts to make, and they’re perfect for kids who want to help out around the holidays. You can use anything from glue or buttons to little pieces of fabric.


  • Gifts in a jar – If your child has their heart set on giving homemade gifts this year but you don’t have time or money to buy the materials, consider giving them a jar of goodies and letting them fill it with whatever they want!
  • Homemade cards – These are perfect for kids who have trouble finding their words when writing holiday greetings. They’re practically self-explanatory, so kids can easily craft thoughtful messages on their own.
  • Breakfast in bed for mom – When you’re too busy to cook but don’t want to disappoint your kids, try planning a breakfast in bed for mom. They’ll get the treat of helping out with cooking while also getting their favourite meal!
  • Family photo tree ornaments – Give each member of your family a paper and pen to make a small sketch of themselves, then use that drawing as the face for an ornament.
  • Silly sock gifts – A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or take lots of time to be enjoyed! Fill individual socks with Hershey kisses (or any other candy) tied off at the top with ribbon. You can even put a few gifts inside each sock, like a bubble bath for mom.

  • Keepsake ornament – Pick up the photo of your family that you cherish and print it out on cardstock or regular paper (if you’re near an office supply store). Draw a border around it with markers to trim off the excess sides. Cut along these lines and then punch a hole in the top of each section. Thread ribbon through them to make a necklace with your favourite family photo on it!
  • Personalized paperclip – Get some coloured paperclips from an office supply store (or just use these free printables) and write, draw or cut out designs that are specifically for you. Tie a piece of ribbon around the paperclip to make it a cute little gift.
  • A homemade photo album – Get some scrapbook paper and cut it down to size. Put your child’s favourite photos on the pages, then create a cover for them with stickers or fun drawings if they’re old enough. It’ll be an extra special gift that you can do together!
  • Personalized bookmarks – Make these gifts extra special by writing the story of your child’s favourite book on them. You can make gifts for everyone in one go and it’ll be a great project for you to do with kids!
  • Photo necklace – Get some string or yarn, then print out your favourite photos and cut them into strips that are about an inch wide (depending on how long you want your necklace). Thread each one onto the length of string or yarn so they’re in order from left to right. Tie the ends together and you have a necklace that’s all about your child!

  • Family portrait painting – Get some plain canvas boards, paintbrushes, acrylic paints and family photos (or pictures of them if they’re young). Paint each person in their own colour so it looks like one single piece of art when it’s finished.
  • Miniature garden – Get some small pots, plants, rocks and other things like leaves and twigs to put in the pot for planting them (you might need a spade or something else to scoop out dirt). Once it’s all ready, start dropping your treasures into the soil so you can watch it grow!
  • Handprint ornament – Get some red-hot glue, paint and a little ball of white clay to put in the centre. Now dip their hands into the paint so they can make handprints on top of the clay. Once it’s dry, attach with hot glue onto a styrofoam ball or something similar to get that perfect shape.
  • Rice Krispie treat snowman – These are so easy to make! Just take a few layers of rice Krispies and form them into the shape of a snowman. You might need some white sugar sprinkles (or coloured ones if you want it that way) for the eyes, nose and mouth. And don’t forget about the carrot nose!
  • Photo ornament – This is a great alternative to the basic photo. Take some of those black and white photos, scan them in (or take pictures with your phone) and then create an ornament out of it using Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. You can make all sorts of shapes for these so go wild!

If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate the holidays with your kids this year, why not create an unexpected homemade gift? We’ve put together some ideas below that are sure to delight any child on your list. What type of handmade gifts would you like to make for your children or friends and family members? Share in the comments section below!