Women are hard to shop for. You know they want something nice, but you’re not sure what it is. That’s where this guide comes in handy! Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of gifts that any woman will love. From flowers and jewellery to chocolate and tea, these gifts are perfect for any occasion, whether it be her birthday or Valentine’s Day!


A classic but still appreciated gesture when you have no idea what else to get them.. Whether she’s at home, work or out and about running errands, a nice bouquet of flowers is always welcome—especially during wintertime when they seem extra special! Or if she’s feeling under the weather, send over some blooming plants: potted tulips or beautiful roses are perfect choices. This is also an especially thoughtful gift for women who don’t need expensive gifts but still want to feel appreciated, women often refer to receiving flowers as “a hug without having to say anything.”

  • Examples – roses, tulips


Women love jewellery because it’s an accessory they wear every day so there will never be a time where she doesn’t use it. Some good ideas include pearl necklaces, silver bracelets, diamond rings etc. After roses, jewellery is probably the most traditional present that you’ll give on Valentine’s Day. If your budget allows (or if you’re looking for something more extravagant), there are many options available such as necklaces, bracelets and rings to suit every style preference! Just make sure they know their ring size before giving a ring as a gift. To make it extra special, personalise the jewellery. A woman loves to feel like she’s the only one and that you really care about her by giving her something special. Don’t give anything generic, go out of your way to find a necklace with her name on it or earrings that are uniquely hers and no other woman in the world would have them but her. It’ll be something even more precious than diamonds because they’re so rare.

  • Examples – pearl necklace, silver bracelets

Cooking class.

Not all women love to cook but chances are they’ll be happy with an experience that allows them to learn more about it! Plus cooking is one of those skills that never disappoints when given as a present because learning new recipes and techniques will always come in handy for any woman who loves food. Some ideas could include classes on how to make sushi or Thai dishes, baking basics like cupcakes or macarons, Indian cuisine etc. They’re also great if you want someone else do the cooking for your holiday dinners this year!

  • Example – Groupon offers various experiences from beginner courses to hands-on workshops for aspiring chefs

Day at the spa.

This is a great gift that many women will love because it’s something they can do for themselves but might not have time to make happen. It would be nice if you could go with them, but even just giving someone an experience like this shows how much you care and want them to feel good about themselves.

Women love getting pampered so a gift certificate for her local day spa is always appreciated. A nice relaxing day at a spa is just what any woman needs to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. here are plenty of different types of treatments to choose from like massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. You can find plenty of deals on Groupon that offer everything from treatments with essential oils, facials or even massages!

  • Example – Groupon offers a service called “The Big Deal” which includes 25 deals from various businesses in your area.

White elephant gift exchange.

A white elephant is a gift that you buy and then give away to someone else without telling them what it is! It’s great because people are usually so excited about the mystery item they get, even if it turns out not being their taste. You can find ideas for this on Pinterest or by asking around among friends. The best part of using something like Etsy is that you could make up gifts with items you have lying around at home (e.g., art supplies, wigs).

  • Cost – $0-$100+ depending on content/quality of present purchased
  • Example – Groupon offers a service called “The Big Deal” which includes 25 deals from various businesses in your area.

An experience.

The general rule: experiences make better gifts than material goods because you’re giving them something they’ll remember forever. This includes tickets to shows like concerts, plays, or sporting events. If money is tight and the woman in question likes to travel then consider a gift certificate for her favourite airline so she can book flights wherever she wants like Paris this summer or London next winter.


A framed photo.

Women have a tendency to put up an excessive amount of photos in their homes. Choose the best one and frame it for her as a gift that will last forever. She’ll be able to see it every day even if you’re not there with her because she won’t want to take it down. It will be a good reminder of how much you love her and she will love you for it.


Butterfly Bottle Opener.

This gift idea can go with any woman who loves drinking wine! It makes opening bottles of wine really easy because the wings open up as soon as you place the opener on top of the bottle cap.

It is also a decorative item so it doesn’t have to just sit in your kitchen drawer waiting for an occasion. So this would be perfect for those days when she has friends over but doesn’t have any wine openers.


Personalised Mug

This is a great gift idea for those women who love to drink tea or coffee early in the morning and need their caffeine fix! Women really appreciate when they get something that has been personalized especially if it’s with her name on it.

This mug can be used at home, work, or school so she will always have access to hot liquid just by carrying around this special cup of hers.



This might not seem like an obvious choice but shoes can make or break any woman’s ensemble so why not give her a nice pair? If she has been having some trouble finding flattering styles lately, maybe get her something from a higher end boutique where there are greater options available! These pairs could come with brands such as Christian Louboutin, Hermes Birkin Bag Replica Handbags Online Louis Vuitton and Valentino Garavani replica bags at lower prices than the original.


Even in the era of the mobile phone, for many women, a watch is something they wear every day not just to tell the time but to act as a fashion accessory.  A woman really appreciates a nice gift when they receive one from the heart, so this can be great! There are many different kinds of watches such as ones with an analogue face or digital display; some have diamonds on them while others might come with rubies instead.

There are also other features that make these watches unique such as reminders about birthday anniversaries, carpooling schedules, alarms and more. This will allow her to be able to keep up with everything else in life without having to worry about keeping track of time.


Stocking filler ideas.

Gift Cards; The go-to gift for couples who are still getting to know each other. It may not be the most creative gift but it’s a safe bet, an easy gift, and will never go unappreciated.*

Cosy Slippers. For women that live in colder climates or just want to have cosy feet all winter long. A solid choice from men because they don’t need to worry about them fitting properly (unless she has really small paws). They’re also something classic and functional so they’ll last her longer than socks and underwear.

Date night with you. A woman doesn’t need much in life but what we do want is her dreams fulfilled. Take this opportunity to plan a date your woman will never forget because it may just be one of the last times you get together before starting a family.

Handmade Gifts.  You don’t have to go all out with handmade gifts for women: simple things like mittens and scarves made by someone close to her are just as thoughtful. (This is good news for anyone who wants to get something last minute!)

Cute Stationery Items. Women always appreciate getting cards and letters—especially those sent during difficult times. Bring back handwritten correspondence today!!

Personalised Gifts – It doesn’t matter how old she is: most women enjoy getting personalized gifts because they feel as if someone really put thought into it. One idea? Make personalised stationery (like a journal) or give her some of your favourite books—personalised, of course!

There are, of course, hundreds of other great gift ideas for the important women in your life, however, we hope that this list has given you a good starting point in your gift hunting. Let know know in the comments below what other fab ideas you think would be a popular gift.