Gifting wrapping seems like a difficult task at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to wrap a gift in just minutes. Make sure your gift is wrapped well and let these instructions guide the way!

Five easy steps to wrapping gifts properly:

1) Pick up your gift and look it over for anything that might poke or scratch someone in the eye. Be careful not to get anything sticky on clothing or furniture.

2) Remove any plastic wrapping from the outside of the box before opening. The ink from the plastic can ruin a present if left on long enough.

3) Open the wrapping paper. If you have tissue paper, open the box underneath it and set it aside for later. Tissue paper is often used to protect delicate objects.

4) Remove the wrapping from the gift and remove any tags or strings that may be attached to the gift itself.

5) All that’s left to do is tape your gift closed again and wrap it in some pretty tissue paper. Now that your gift is wrapped, it’s ready for the recipient!

Gift wrapping can often be overlooked, but it’s important to make sure your present looks as pretty as possible! It doesn’t have to take long at all to wrap gifts, but if you spend too much time making sure your present is perfect, you’ll have forgotten the most important part: the recipient. Take some time to wrap a gift and remember that it’s about the person who will receive your gift.

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