Finding the perfect gift for someone can be a challenge. It’s not enough just to think of something that you would want, you have to find out what they want too! In this blog post, we will go over some tips on how to give a great gift and make sure your loved one is happy with their present.

Gift shopping for people you know well

The first step in giving a great gift is to find out what the person you are gifting likes. While you may feel bombarded by “advice” to find the perfect present for a loved one, it can seem almost impossible when they refuse to give any hints. However, there is no need for a panic attack – simply sit down with them and make your own list of their interests or likes. You will be surprised how much information about what that person would like as gift-giving materializes from these conversations!

Figure out hobbies, favourite colours, and other interests of theirs so that you can pair your present with their personality! The easiest way to do this is by asking them about themselves or looking at social media posts for clues.

If all else fails, ask someone close to the recipient who knows more about them than yourself- be it family members or friends from work. If these ideas are still not providing any results then you should probably just buy something generic like flowers (everyone enjoys getting flowers!). This will ensure that no

If, after all of this, If you are still not sure what to get your loved one, then a gift card is always an option! It may seem impersonal but if the recipient has everything they need it could be their perfect present. This will also save time and energy on your part too because shopping doesn’t have to be done – just spend some quality time with that person instead!

When considering the best gift for a close or distant friend, consider how intimate you are with them. If you have an intimate relationship with that person (romantic or not), then your choice of gifts should be more personal in nature. However, if buying for, say, someone in the office, something cheap and far less personal will usually do the job.

This might seem the most obvious of all the suggestions, however, the number of people who actually take a moment to think about what the other needs before buying is shockingly small. Too often, we buy people what the THINK they will need, not what they actually need.

– For the mom who has everything, you might gift a plant. Or if she’s more into arts and crafts, materials for her to use in crafting projects. If your mother is feeling overwhelmed with life pressure or stress, why not buy her some reading material that touches on topics like mindfulness? You can also get podcasts instead of books, depending on the type of mom you have.

– For a brother that bugs you constantly, buy him something like a gift certificate to his favourite restaurant or sporting event, but in this case, it would be more appropriate for someone who doesn’t live nearby.

– If your dad is really into golf and likes collecting things from around the world, a bottle of wine from one of the countries he loves might be perfect.

– If your sister is into fashion and likes to shop online at stores like ASOS or H&M, why not buy her something off their wish list? You can also buy an outfit that matches what she already has in her closet.

If you are still stuck for ideas, some digital sleuthing may be in order…if you can be sneaky, try to look at people’s online wish lists. Many online retailers will allow users to make wish lists of items that they like or want. If you can manage to get into someone’s account, you can look over the person’s list and select a gift from there, this way you are certain that it will be a gift that the person will love.

Gift shopping for people you don’t know well

If you thought it was hard to buy a gift for someone who you know well and has been in your life for years, then that’s nothing compared with the pain of shopping for a gift for someone you know less well.

If you would like to give a gift to someone in a position of authority, you can give them practical stuff. For example, if it is your teacher’s first year teaching and they need supplies, you might want to get them a basket with all their stuff. Or if they like tea or coffee, then get them that, just a little something they can enjoy.

Although many workplaces run a secret Santa gift exchange, you may not want to do that with someone who’s your boss. If they’re a regular person or co-worker, it would be fine because they usually just get something small anyway like chocolate or a book, the secret nature of the gift giving can work in your favour too because no one will know who gave each other what present.

If all else fails, there is the fallback choices of flowers, chocolate or a gift card. these gifts may be boring, but boring is better than getting someone something they don’t want.