Wine is a great gift because it’s not only delicious but also shows your thoughtfulness. But when you wrap wine as a gift and give it away without the recipient knowing what they are getting, the surprise can be ruined before they even open it!

In this article, we will show you how to wrap wine so that your friends or family members won’t know until they unwrap their present.

Treating a wine bottle (or similarly shaped item) as a gift can be challenging. A gift bag or box, or cellophane covering are quick and convenient options when you need to wrap quickly. When you have the time, wrapping paper is very attractive while also protecting your object from dirt and scratches.

To further protect your wrapped bottle during travel find a cardboard tube and provide additional protection for it by wrapping around the tube.

Pack your bottle in a gift bag. If using a gift bag, make sure it is tightly packed with tissue paper or newspaper and that the seal of the wine is not visible. Then, wrap the gift bag in paper or cloth. If you have some ribbon to use as an elegant finishing touch, tie it around the wine bottle and cover any visible seal with one end of the ribbon.

Wrap the bottle like a piece of candy. Cut the wrapping paper to go around the neck and base of the bottle. The paper should be a few inches bigger than that. Roll it around tightly, and tie ribbons in a simple knot to make sure it stays closed. One of the best parts about a wrapped bottle is how it looks like an actual hard candy.

All you need to do to achieve this look is fan out one or both ends of wrapping paper and then wrap around the neck tightly so that when you try to place down, there’s no chance for it not being upright!

Pack your bottle in a wrapped box. A narrow box, like a shoebox, might fit your bottle perfectly. Boxes that are a little on the large side can be padded with tissue or newspaper. When the bottle is in the box, break out your wrapping paper and scissors to wrap everything up!