Baby showers offer the perfect opportunity for parents-to-be to celebrate the imminent arrival of their new baby with family and friends.

I’m not sure if you’ve been invited along to a Baby Shower, but I know that choosing gifts can be tricky! You’re left wondering what on earth should buy and then deciding between practicality or sweetness is just way too hard. The reality? A huge choice of super cute baby items in stores means it’s no wonder we struggle making our mind up about which one will make them happy the most!

Baby showers are a wonderful way to show love and support for the new mom while being able to share in her joy. If you’re looking for that perfect baby shower gift idea, then look no further than this list of baby gifts that are perfect for any occasion.

Selecting a baby gift can be hard. What do parents really need? Here are some must-have items for all the new arrivals!

  • A nursery essential, the crib is a big decision for any expectant parent. There are many factors to consider when choosing one such as safety and style preferences. For parents who already have a crib but need an additional mattress cover or fitted bottom sheet, these can be found at your local baby store or online. The size and weight capacity will vary according to the crib model you choose so it is important for parents to get input on these details before purchasing one, or else you risk buying an inadequate item.
  • Let’s face it, babies are messy. Babies drool and spit up a lot of the time so they need to be changed all day long! That is where changing tables come in very handy for busy parents. There are many different types of changing table models, so it is important to do research on what will work best for your friends. Some models have extra features like storage space for diapers or wipes off the side of the table so that parents can easily grab what they need without having to break their baby’s hug!
  • A great way to surprise a new mother on her baby shower is by filling up an adorable basket with small necessities. Diapers, wipes, pacifiers and more can all be found in one easy-to-carry container.

  • Rockin’ chair: A rocking chair will keep mom comfortable and cosy while nursing/cuddling her baby, but it also provides necessary relief from pain in the back and hips during various stages of pregnancy. For a thoughtful gift idea, you could give a few different items that may be needed for late-night feedings such as a small side table, a nightlight, and a baby monitor.
  • Give the mother to be a memory book. They can create their own scrapbook to hold memories. They could put photos of the baby’s first month together with notes about milestones and things like how much weight they gained or what their favourite foods are. When the baby is a grown-up, this will be perfect for looking back on special moments in your lives too.
  • A baby monitor is a necessity for parents who want to stay close while their little one sleeps at night. It’s also good for those days when mom and dad are home with baby, but they need to do laundry or cook dinner, or just sit down and get five minutes rest without worrying about waking the child up.
  • Gifting new parents with a selection of baby books is the perfect starting point for their child’s library. Gift baskets are an easy option, but why not consider giving your favourite childhood set?
  • When you give your baby toys, think about the toy that the baby will want when they are bigger. When they get bigger and want to play with different things, they will have a toy waiting for them on their shelf from when they were little.

We’ve given a few ideas for what you might gift new parents at their baby shower. What are your thoughts? Do you think they need more clothes, diapers, or other supplies? Is there something else on the registry that you would personally like to give them as well? Share with us in the comments below!


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