Harry Potter continues to be a worldwide phenomenon with a series of books and films being loved by young and old alike. Harry Potter gifts and merchandise are as popular as ever and there is so much to choose from. You won’t be disappointed if you have a Harry Potter fan on your list to buy for. Immerse yourself in J.K Rowling’s wonderful world of wizardry and find the most fabulous gifts for your Harry Potter loving friends and family. 

It is a milestone occasion in many children’s lives when they are old enough to start reading the Harry Potter books and they can read them together with parents and family maybe as a bedtime story reading a chapter or two each night. Then they can start watching films and enter the magic. Some people have been fans since the start and have carried on loving everything Harry Potter well into their adulthood to the extent that people have rooms filled with Harry Potter things in their own homes. 

There is a Harry Potter gift for all budgets and the majority of gifts are far from tacky. You may have a teacher who loves Harry Potter and could buy them a Harry Potter themed thank you gift. Maybe they secretly wish they could work at Hogwarts. You may know a couple who are getting married and are huge Harry Potter fans,then what better than a Harry Potter wedding gift. There are even new baby Harry Potter gifts, maybe a Harry Potter babygrow to get them into the craze from the beginning. 

There is a wealth of fabulous Harry Potter gifts online for all of the Potterheads out there. There are clothes, wands, jewellery, dress-up outfits and so much more, just about everything you could possibly think of. If you know someone who has just started reading the first book, you could go ahead and buy the next book or future books for them to move onto next.   

Your Harry Potter fan may have chosen which house they think the sorting hat would have put them in had they been starting at Hogwarts. They may be a Gryffindor like Harry and Ron, a Slytherin, a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff. If they haven’t chosen then you could decide which best fits their personality and buy them something related to the specific house or you might prefer something which encompasses all the houses. Members of Gryffindor are courageous, brave, and have nerve and chivalry. Slytherins are ambitious and cunning, although they have been home to a large number of dark witches and wizards. Lucious Malfoy, Serius Snape and Tom Riddle (Voldemort) were all in Slytherin house so not always as popular. Ravenclaws are known for their wisdom, wit and creativity. Famous Ravenclaw members include Professor Flitwick and Rowena Ravenclaw. Or finally, Hufflepuffs who are recognised as being hard-working, dedicated, patient and loyal. Cedric Diggory is a well-known member of Hufflepuff house and he played a very important part in defeating Voldemort. 

So open up a world of magic and wizardry and get your youngsters into the wonderful Harry Potter. You will never be stuck for gift ideas and they will have a lifetime of enjoyment. Harry Potter gifts are perfect for birthdays and Christmas as well as other special occasions. So don’t hold back, let the fun begin and your imagination run wild. 

Harry Potter Cluedo (2019)


Forgot Professor Plumb and the study, who did what to whom in Hogwarts is what we want to know!


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Clementoni 61881 61881-Impossible Harry Potter-1000 Pieces, Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults, Multi-Colour


You might wish you had magical skills when trying to assemble this ‘impossible’ puzzle.

Harry Potter Dress Gryffindor Cloak Costume Women’s Adults Cosplay Fancy Dress


Perfect for adult Harry Potter fancy dress parties, or for ‘role playing’ at home….

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Card – Hogwarts Castle Pop Up Card, Harry Potter Gifts | Handmade | Includes a Hogwarts…


This pop up card is perfect for any occasion and is sure to put a smile on the face of a Harry Potter fan.

Paladone Harry Potter Cauldron Light with Colour Changing Bubbling Effect


This mini cauldron is a great desktop toy to keep a Harry Potter fan amused while trying to learn even the hardest spell.

The Noble Collection Bendyfigs Harry Potter Figure Officially Licensed 19cm (7.5 inch) Harry Potter Bendable Toy Posable…


Standing nearly 20cm high, this Harry Potter figure will look great on a desk or display shelf.

Harry Potter: The Wand Chooses the Wizard


Discover the most magical moments from the Harry Potter films with this great hardback book.

Harry Potter Mash’ems


A great stocking filler for all those young Harry Potter fans out there.

Harry Potter Themed Bus Tour with Antipasti and Wine for Two


The ultimate Harry Potter themed gift for those die hard adult fans. A bus tour, wine and antipasti, a dream gift.

The Making of Harry Potter Tour and Three Course Meal for Two at Prezzo


A magical combination of a tour of the making of Harry Potter to build up an appetite for delicious pizza and pasta. A real treat for those Potterheads

Harry Potter Wall Art


Spruce up your bedroom or office with this Harry Potter Wall Art. Featuring pages from JK Rowling books, this is a stunning gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages.

Harry Potter Firebolt Broomstick


Looking for a little something to complete a Harry Potter themed fancy dress outfit? We’ve found just the thing for you; a Harry Potter Firebolt Broomstick. Probably best not drink and fly, mind you…

Harry Potter Dobby Facepiece


Love him or hate him, the Harry Potter story wouldn’t have been the same without the helpful house-elf. Channel your inner dobby with this fantastically detailed facepiece.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Accessory


Complete your Harry Potter inspired outfit this is Quidditch favourite. Perfect for both fancy dress parties and on your shelf as a Harry Potter collectable.

Harry Potter Hedwig Sparkly Fleece Robe


The ideal gift for a Harry Potter fan. They are bound to fall in love with this cosy Headwig robe with a bit of sparkle.

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Gryffindor Gift Ideas.

Gryffindor’s are honest, brave, confident, trusting, daring, passionate, idealistic, practical and courageous individuals just like Harry, Ron and Hermione. Probably the most popular of the Hogwarts houses, you may want to treat someone special to a Harry Potter gift and know they would love something that is embellished with the Gryffindor coat of arms.

Harry Potter Boys Gryfindor Quidditch T-Shirt Ages 5 to 13 Years


Unfortunately, we don’t have Quidditch in the real world so this iconic t-shirt is the closest you’ll get to the game.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Women’s Fitted T-Shirt | Official Merchandise | S-XXL, Wizarding World Hogwarts Crew Neck…


Perfect for any occasion from work, to the gym to a music festival, this Gryffindor crest t-shirt is a fab gift for fans of all ages.

Harry Potter Quidditch Team Captain Girl’s T-Shirt


Let everyone know who is boss when you step on to the pitch.

Harry Potter Gryffindor PU Mini Backpack


This canvas Harry Potter themed rucksack is perfect for carrying all the essentials a budding wizard needs.

Harry Potter Girls Hogwarts Pyjamas


Get ready for a night of wizardry dreaming.

Harry Potter – Kids Hat & Gloves Set with Pom Pom in Gryffindor and Slytherin Styles


This Gryffindor hat and glove set is not only super super warm but is the perfect look for any Gryffindor fan.

The Noble Collection HP- Gryffindor Journal


This stylish journal is perfect for both muggle and wizard school.

Harry Potter House Hoodies with Drawstrings – Show Your Inner Wizard!


A stylish hooded sweatshirt. Perfect for Harry Potter fans of any age.

Gryffindor: Notebook • Writing Journal • Diary • Notepad


Perfect for jotting down all those important spells (or maths homework) you’ll need later on.

Harry Potter Girls Pyjamas Ages 5 to 13 Years


An essential accessory for a night’s dreaming of magic lands.

Warner Harry Potter Gryffindor Shield Brown ID & Card Bi-Fold Wallet


Perfect for keeping your money safe when you’ve not got a dragon at hand.

Rucksack – Harry Potter (Gryffindor Crest)


This canvas Harry Potter themed rucksack is perfect for carrying all the essentials a budding wizard needs.

Jelly Belly Harry Potter – Bertie Bott’s – 35g


We love jelly baby sweets, we love Harry Potter so what could be better than Harry P themed Jelly Babies

Harry Potter Messenger Bag Courier Cross Over Satchel Gryffindor


Your trip to school may not be as iconic as Hogwoods but this stylish messenger bag will keep your books safe for another day of learning.

Harry Potter Gifts, Gryffindor Red Detangling And Styling Hair Brush, Tangle Free Hair Accessories For Women And Teens…


Unfortunately, we don’t have spells to keep our hair tidy. For us non wizard folk, a hair brush is an essential.

Harry Potter Travel Pass Holder – G for Gryffindor


Perfect for keeping your bus or train tickets safe. For those times your broomstick is in for repair.

Harry Potter T-Shirt Quidditch Team Captain Grey Raglan Ladies Womens Top


This Quidditch captain tshirt is stunning and is perfect for the Harry Potter fan who likes to be in control.

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Hufflepuff Gift Ideas.

Hufflepuffs are characterised as being loyal, patient, impartial, hard working honest, kind and caring. If you have a friend or family member who loves Harry Potter and fits these traits then a Hufflepuff gift would be perfect for them. You may already know that they are sorted by the sorting hat into Hufflepuff or you might just think they would suit being a Hufflepuff.

There are lots of great gifts to choose from for Harry Potter fans of all ages from toys, to clothing and bags. Treat a Hufflepuff today and be inspired by these ideas we have found for you.

Harry Potter Men’s Slippers | Hogwarts House Hufflepuff House Shoes | Warm Yellow Slip-On Mule Shoes


These Hufflepuff slippers are not only stylish but they are super warm and comfortable. Perfect for a cold evening.

I Don’t Give a Hufflef**k Funny Inspired Quote Cup Mug Perfect Present for Birthday (Prime)


A fun gift for an adult Harry Potter fan. Perfect to put a smile on their face when they reach for their morning coffee.

Rubie’s Official Harry Potter House Skirt, Childs Fancy Dress One Size


Dress as your favourite Huddlepuff character with this Fancy Dress skirt.

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug – Hufflepuff


Perfect for whatever you like to brew of a morning to get you going for the day.

HUFFLEPUFF: Wochenplaner, Taschenkalender 2021 | HP Harry Potter Notizbuch | Hogwarts Hausfarben & Symbole (German) Paperback – 18 Nov. 2020


What better way to learn a foreign language than with a Harry Potter book. You already know the story, let see how many words you can understand. It’s more fun than just trying to read a language book!

Harry Potter HufflePuff Top Trumps Collector’s Tin Card Game


Who is the ultimate character from the Harry Potter universe? battle your friends with this fun Harry Potter top trumps game.

The Noble Collection Hufflepuff Crest Keychain


Take your allegiance to house Hufflepuff with you wherever you go.



This Hufflepuff T-shirt has to be a number one gift for a Harry Potter fan.

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Chamilia Harry Potter Swarovski Crystal Hufflepuff Crest


Highlight your patience and loyalty with this stunning Hufflepuff crest charm.

Harry Potter – Hufflepuff Keychain


A fun stocking filler gift for those Harry Potter fans who have always dreamt about being in Hufflepuff.

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Harry Potter – Hufflepuff Vinyl Sticker


Stick it on your lunchbox, your school folder or even on your desk (probably better off doing it on your home desk rather than the school’s), or even on the back of your laptop or tablet. There are so many ways to use this Hufflepuff sticker.

Hufflepuff Harry Potter Joke Book


This Hufflepuff joke book features jokes galore for Harry Potter fans.

Hufflepuff Journal Prop Replica Prop Replica from Harry Potter


Get a piece of the Harry Potter world in your own home with this Hufflepuff film prop replica.

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K-Swiss Court Pro 2 Hufflepuff Trainers


The perfect gift for active Hufflepuff Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter | Hufflepuff Crest Pom Pom Beanie


Stay warm this winter and let everyone know your allegiance with this Hufflepuff themed beanie hat.

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Ravenclaw Gift Ideas.

Ravenclaws are intelligent, curious, logical, analytical, clever, witty, creative individuals. So if you know someone like Luna Lovegood or Philias Flitwick who loves anything Harry Potter and specifically Ravenclaw then why not take a look through these Ravenclaw gift ideas to find them the perfect magical gift to light up their day.

Ravenclaw Crest Earrings


Not only are these Ravenclaw earrings super stylish but they are discrete enough for everyday use.

Harry Potter “Ravenclaw Crest” Framed Print, 30 x 40 cm


The perfect bedroom decoration for any Ravenclaw loving Harry Potter fan.

Cinereplicas Harry Potter Slippers – Cuff Clog – Pillow Walk – Premium Durable Quality – Adults


These Harry Potter slippers are not only stylish but they are super warm and comfortable. Perfect for a cold evening.

The Harry Potter Ravenclaw Logo Strap Watch


Always know when wizarding time is with this fun Harry Potter watch.

Carat – Hpotter Pendant Ravenclaw Emblem


Whether you’re a witch, wizard or muggle, you’ll look stunning wearing this Ravenclaw pendant.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crest Boys T-Shirt | Official Merchandise | Ages 3-13, Harry Potter Gifts, Boys Fashion Top, Childrens Clothes, Kids Birthday Gift Idea


Perfect for any occasion from work, to the gym to a music festival, this Ravenclaw crest t-shirt is a fab gift for fans of all ages.

Harry Potter Glass Tumbler – Ravenclaw House Pride


Raise a glass to the success of the Ravenclaw house with this stunning printed tumbler.

Travel Mug (Bamboo) – Harry Potter (Ravenclaw)


Perfect for those of us unable to magic up a drink when we need one…

HWC Trading Harry Potter the Cast Gift Signed A4 Printed Autograph Gifts Print Photo Picture Display (A4, (Unframed) All 3)


Autographed by the move cast, these framed Harry Potter trading cards will make a fantastic gift for collectors.

Harry Potter Unisex Adult T-Shirt Hogwart House Quidditch Teams


This unisex Quidditch T-shirt is a fun gift for adult Harry Potter fans.

Ravenclaw Hogwarts House Harry Potter Lunchbox


For those times when you need more than magic to keep your lunch safe and fresh.

GB eye LTD, Harry Potter, Quotes, Maxi Poster, 61 x 91.5cm, Wood, Multi-Colour, 65 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm


This poster featuring some of the most iconic quotes from the Harry Potter universe is an essential for fans of the boy wizard.

Harry Potter Pen Ravenclaw


Write your spells out clearly with this great Ravenclaw pen. Perfect for school or the office.

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Slytherin Gift Ideas.

Traditional, self-reliant, cunning, resourceful, determined, perfectionists, leaders are some of the personality traits that make a Slytherin. Possibly not the most loved of the houses because of the likes of Severus Snape and Tom Riddle being Slytherins. There are some great Harry Potter and Slytherin gifts available for those who possess these characteristics. There isn’t anything to be ashamed of being a strong and determined personality.

Harry Potter “Slytherin Crest” Framed Print, 30 x 40 cm


The perfect bedroom decoration for any Slytherin loving Harry Potter fan.

Navachi 18k Gold Plated Crystal Zircon Snake Drop Dangle Stud Earrings


Featuring a curly snake body, these stud earrings are an essential for any young Slytherin

Harry Potter MG22059 “Slytherin Crest” Ceramic Mug – White


A fantastic gift for Slytherin fans who enjoy a morning coffee.

Harry Potter Boys Slytherin Distressed Crest Sweatshirt


Unleash your inner Slytherin with this cotton sweatshirt.

WorldFun 10 Pcs Harry Potter Magic Mantra Snake Skull Dark Mark Death Eater Temporary Halloween Cosplay Tattoo Accessories


Get into the Harry Potter mood with these fun cosplay tattoos,. Not only do they look fab but they are super easy to remove for when you need to return to the muggle world.

Harry Potter Slytherin PU Mini Backpack


This canvas Harry Potter themed rucksack is perfect for carrying all the essentials a budding wizard needs.

Harry Potter SR72665 Slytherin Storage Box, Multi-Colour, 24 x 37 x 37 cm


A fantastic toy box, plenty of storage for everything a Harry Potter fan needs.

Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Slip On Slippers


Perfect for the Slytherin fan who likes to keep their feet warm while planning their bad deeds…

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Backpack


Show your love of Slytherin every day in this backpack. Perfect for school, the gym or the office.

Zac’s Alter Ego Wizards Tie For Fancy Dress, School Uniform, World Book Day


Perfect for either a child on world book day or the office for an older Harry Potter fan.

GB eye Ltd MG1124 , Harry Potter, Slytherin, Mug, Wood, 15x10x9 cm


Perfect for the Slytherin fan who likes to relax with a hot beverage.

Green Snake Slytherin Necklace, Hogwarts House Emblem Pendant Jewellery Gift


Handcrafted from a 25mm silver setting, this stunning chain comes in a gift bag for the perfect Harry Potter gift idea.

Harry Potter Backpack


For those times when you have no magical ability and need to carry your own books about.

Harry Potter – Slytherin Vinyl Sticker


Decorate your bedroom, desk, laptop or tablet with this fun Slytherin vinyl sticker.

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Harry Potter Slytherin Face Mask – 2 Pack


You’re going to need more than magic to stay safe at the moment. Protect yourself in these dangerous times with this Slytherin facemask.

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