Video games are no longer the preserve of teenage boys playing along in their bedroom. They are now the largest selling source of entertainment for fans of all ages and genders. The original gamers of the 80s have grown up and many not only continue to game but also play with kids of their own.

No matter what type of games you are into or where you stand on the console/master race PC debate, there is a gift idea for all kinds of gamers; from gifts to help you be better at gaming, to clothing, to accessories for the home, and collectables, we have hand picked the 100 best gifts for video game fans.


Karolina Bik Jewellery – Tetris Earrings Silver


Style yourself with these stylish earrings based on the icon Tetris pieces.

Console Wars : Sega Vs Nintendo – and the Battle that Defined a Generation


If you grew up in either the 8 bit or 16 bit eras, you’ll be very aware of the console wars between Nintendo and Sega. Why those days are long gone, this fine book details the battle between the two gaming giants of their days and how, between them, they helped to create the largest form of entertainment.

Sports Videogames


If your interest in gaming goes beyond putting the disc in the console and relaxing for a few hours, this fine study gives fascinating insights into the growth of the sports sector of video games.



Trace the past, present and future direction of the video games industry with this detailed book.

Personalised ‘Player One’ ‘Player Two’ Video Game Mugs


Looking for an unusual gift for a couple? How about Player One and Player Two mugs. The perfect His and Hers gift for couples of like to game together.

Personalised ‘Dad By Day Gamer By Night’ Video Game Mug


The perfect father’s day or birthday gift for a Dad who has had to give up the pleasures of gaming as they have got older.

Retro Video Game Controller Wall Art


Who needs pictures of flowers and landscapes hanging on the wall when you can celebrate the world of video games. This quirky wall art is the perfect house warming gift for a gamer.

Personalised Player One Player Two Video Game Coasters


Looking for a novelty house warming gift for a couple in their new home? You can’t go far wrong these fun Player One and Player Two video game inspired coasters.

Gaming Controller Personalised Christmas Decoration


Hanging bubbles on the Christmas tree is all well and good, but, as gamers, we can do better than that, surely. Replace those shiny bubbles with mini games controllers to make the festive season extra fun.

Video Game Trivia Quiz


Think you know a lot about video games? Test yourself with this video game trivia quiz. Better still, invite some friends round and have a video game quiz off to see who is the bigger nerd.

Personalised Nintendo Switch Case


We love our Switch, the ability to take games wherever we go. There is one downside, though; it is an expensive piece of equipment to be carrying around. Protect your Switch with this Personalised case.

Personalised Fortnite Pencils


A fun stocking filler for Fornite playing child in your life. Perfect for school.

My Evolution Nintendo Game Boy Minimal Poster Art Print


The Gameboy has gone through many changes and version since it’s introduction in 1989. Chart the history of one of the most important gaming consoles of all time with this fantastic Gameboy evolution print.

You Have The Cheat Code To My Heart Card


The perfect valentines card for the special gamer in your life.

Personalised ‘Game On’ Wooden Light Box


The perfect home decor object for older gamers.

Personalised Beer Bottle Opener For Gamers


There are very things better than relaxing with a cold beer and some video games after a hard day at work. Free the trapped beer with this personalised gamer bottle opener. Game on!

Personalised Mini Desk Lamp For Gamers


Perfect for a desk or bedroom this mini lamp for gamers will help shed some light on even the most difficult gaming moment.

Personalised I Paused My Game To Be Here Video Game Mug


The perfect gift for gamers who stop for a tea break during busy games sessions.

Tetris Modular Display Shelf by Woood


For those of us who grew up in the Gameboy years, Tetris will always have a soft spot when it comes to gaming. Bring some Tetris chic to your home with this stylish Tetris Display Shelf, made up from all your favourite block shapes

Philips NeoPix Easy Mini Projector


As the saying goes, bigger is usually better. What could be better than playing games on a wall sized screen! This projector is perfect for those times a television isn’t big enough for gaming.

Retro-Bit Official SEGA Mega Drive Black Wireless Controller 8-Button Arcade Pad for Sega Mega Drive


Compatible with modern Windows PCs, this retro-style wireless Mega Drive gamepad is a great choice for those of us who started our gaming back in the 16bit era.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Two Player Starter Set


Many of us who have played the Fallout games series have thought that we can do better in the post nuclear world in those survivors. With this Fallout: Wasteland game we get to plot our own way of rebuilding society.

Character Bowser Heat Change XL Mug – Super Mario


Fill this mug with your favourite hot beverage to reveal a firebreathing Bowser. Add a bit of fun to coffee time.

Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Map Framed Collector Print


This stunning drawing of the Morrowind Island, Vvardenfell from the Elder Scrolls Online will look great hanging in your gaming room, or office for those times when you cannot be in Tamerial.

Gibraltar (Apex Legends) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure


Perfect as toys or desktop collectables, collect all your favourite characters in mini Pop size.

ThumbsUp! 240 16bit Mini Arcade Machine


With 240 games built in, this mini arcade machine is a fantastic stocking filler for gamers of any age.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Goblet


Raise a toast to the great game that Assassin’s Crewed Valhall is with this Viking inspired Goblet design.

Mega Isabelle (Nintendo Animal Crossing) 40cm Plush


The perfect accessory for younger fans of the hit Nintendo game series.

1Up Mushroom (Mario Kart) 40 cm Plush


In Mario Games, the 1UP Mushroom is every players’ best friend. In the real world, unfortunately, they cannot give you an extra life but they can keep you warm and snug on chilly nights.

Yoshi Egg (Mario Kart) 40 cm Plush


Yoshi is the Marmite of the gaming world; for some, he is Mario’s trusty sidekick, however, for others, he shouldn’t even be in the game at all. If you fall into the first category this Yoshi egg plush is a fab to snuggle up to on cold winter nights.

The Elder Scrolls – The Dragon Men’s Large Hoodie – Brown/Black


Skyrim isn’t known for its warm climate so make sure you wrap up warm before you go dungeon exploring in this stylish hoody.

Assassins Creed Valhalla Game Art Poster


Featuring art from the Assassins Creed Valhalla game, this poster will look great on a bedroom or gaming room wall.

Skyrim – Dragon Borne Mug


No true Dragonborn is ready for battle without a glass of meed before they run into danger.

Fallout Vault Boy 76 Cable Guy


Fed up with games controllers laying all over the place and getting damaged? This Fallout themed Cable Guy will not only hold your gamepad but charge them at the same time. #winning

Battery Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Cable Guy


Keep your controllers both tidied away and ready for battle with this Call of Duty themed Cable Guy.

Risk Elder Scrolls Board Game


Love the Elder Scrolls game series? Continue your experience of Skyrim with this Risk based board games. Battle your friends to become the true Dovahkiin.

Johnny Silverhand Cyberpunk 2077 McFarlane 12-inch Deluxe Action Figure


While Cyberpunk didn’t quite manage to live up to the hype it had generated, it was still a great action game. This Johnny Silverhand action figure is a fantastic gift for fans of the game.

Estella Tetris 89605 Rugs by Brink & Campman


Based on the classic strategy game, this Tetris rug is a great home accessory which will work in nearly any room in the house.

LFC PS4 Slim Skin Bundle


The perfect idea for any PlayStation gamer who supports Liverpool.

Throwback Pocket Video Game Console


Looking for an inexpensive gaming idea for a younger child, but don’t fancy giving them your mobile phone to play with. How pocket video game console will provide hours of fun and it’s walled environment means they are safe from the dangers of gaming on a phone or a tablet.

Greetings From The Mushroom Kingdom Black T-Shirt


Celebrate your love of the Mushroom Kingdon in this stylish T-Shirt.

PlayStation Socks


Stuck in the office when you would rather be gaming. We know the feeling…. take a little bit of gaming with you wherever you go in these fun Playstation socks. They will scratch your gaming itch until you get home.

Nintendo Piranha Posable Lamp


Based on the killer Piranha Plants from the Super Mario game series, this desktop lamp will provide but illumination and fun to your work environment.

Fortnite Square Calendar


The perfect gift idea for Fornite players who like to know what day of the week it is!

Minecraft Square Calendar


Keep track of your progress with this Minecraft themed calendar.

Pac-Man Video Game Screen Tank Dress Costume


This fun little Pac Man tank dress is the perfect item for lady gamers of all games.

Team Tetris O Costume


Looking for something ‘different’ for a fancy dress party? Well, you’re not going to find much more different than this. At least you are unlikely to be wearing the same as anyone else. That’s assuming you can get through the door in the first place, of course!

Call Of Duty BO4 9FIFTY Snapback – Orange/Black


Look fab in this fun Call of Duty Black Ops 4 hat.

Tetris Icons Desk Light


Featuring the icon shapes from the classic game – yes, even that annoying T shaped one – this Tetris desk light is perfect for both work spaces and gaming locations,

Minecraft Creeper Glass


This creeper glass is the perfect way to make sure you stay hydrated while gaming.

Nintendo Super Mario Super Star Light with Projection


This super Mario star nightlight is the perfect bedroom accessory for younger gamers.

Minecraft Creeper Sculptured Mug


When it is time to take a break from world building, this Minecraft mug is perfect for a nice relaxing cup of tea or coffee.

Skyrim Wallet


No self-respecting Tamerial traveller would leave home without enough gold to buy a mug or two of meed. Keep your gold safe with this Skyrim wallet.

Zelda Skyward Sword Bifold Wallet with Embossed Logo’s


Unfortunately, unlike Link, you don’t have a sword and shield to protect your money so keep the pennies safe in this Zelda themed wallet.

Tetris Mini Retro Arcade Game


Ah, Tetris. The game millions of people woke up on Christmas day to play on their new Gameboy. Bring back memories of the block game with this portable mini arcade.

Call of Duty Ghosts Bean Bag and Foot Stool


Put your feet up and relax after an evening of shooting baddies in this super comfy Call of Duty themed foot stool.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Link 20″ Action Figure


Coming in at an impressive 50 cm, this Link action figure is a great collectable for fans of the Zelda gaming series.

Sonic the Hedgehog 11″ Figure


Measuring 28cm tall, this Sonic the Hedgehog figure is a fantastic gift for video game fans and collectors.

PlayStation Playing Cards


When its time to take a break from the TV, carry on gaming on the tabletop with this fun Playstation gaming card set.

Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu 3D Mug


The perfect mug for Pokemon fans.

Space Invaders Mug


When you need a break from saving the earth, put your feet up and relaxing with a brew from this Space Invader Mug.

Pac Man Mug


It could be argued that it was Pac Man who led to the gaming world as we know it. Drink to the little yellow fella in this Pac Man mug.

Mini Stretch Sonic


From the hit video game series (and now movie), Sonic the Hedgehog comes this fun stretch toy. The perfect desk toy for current and past gamers.

Minecraft Alarm Clock


Wake up feeling refreshed after an evening of digging and building with this Minecraft alarm clock.

Monopoly Sonic Gamer


Monopoly has had many versions over the years but this Sonic the Hedgehog one is perhaps one of the most unusual. Featuring key locations from the hit game series to buy and special abilities for each character, this is the perfect game for gamers.

ASUS ROG Chakram Mouse


A serious PC gamer requires serious gear to be the best. For those looking for every extra advantage they can get in their games, this Asus gaming mouse delivers.

Champion x Super Mario Nintendo Graphic Crew Sweatshirt – White – Womens


Who says Mario is just a gaming icon? As this stylish women’s sweater shows, he is also a fashion icon.

Pac-Man Lamp with Sound Effects


What self respecting gamer wants a boring bedroom or games room lamp? Add a bit of light into your life with this fun Pac-Man lamp with sound effects. Yes, it features sounds from the game.

Nintendo Mario Kart Alarm Clock Projector


Featuring ceiling displayed time and Mario graphics, this alarm clock is perfect for getting up in the morning after a long gaming session.

Nintendo Mario Direction Single Duvet Cover Set


Dream of the Mushroom Kingdom when you sleep in this stylish Mario duvet set.

Fallout Vault Boy Single Duvet Cover Set


A fantastic bedding idea for fans of the hit Fall Out gaming series. It certainly looks more comfortable than a vault…

Call Of Duty Black Ops Skull Single Duvet Cover Set – European Size


A great bedding idea for fans of the hit shooter game franchise.

Turtle Beach Recon 70N Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One And PC – Black/Red


Online gaming has become not only a great gaming experience, but also a fantastic social experience – especially these days. This gaming headache provides both a clear sound and great quality mic for a low price. No longer will your team mates be complaining they can’t hear what you are saying.

Drive it Like you Stole it male t-shirt.


Take the street robbing attitude of GTA V into the real world with this fun t-shirt.

Minecraft Spider Jockey Pack


If, unlike us, you’re not scared of the Minecraft spiders who keep eating us, this is a great gift idea for Minecraft fans.

Mario Question Block Light


The perfect bedroom lamp/nightlight for fans of the red suited plumber.

Fallout 4 Vault Boy Heat Change Mug


This colour changing mug is a great gift for tea loving Fall Out fans. Just hope your water is RAD free….

Fortnite Boogie Bomb Square Cushion


A great gift for fans of the massively popular free to play battle royale shooter.

Xbox Icons Light


The perfect accessory for Xbox gamers of all games. This Xbox shaped light will look great in a games room or bedroom.

Next Level Racing GT Track Playstation Edition Cockpit


Yes, this one is very much on the expensive side. However, if you are looking to get the real driving experience in rally games then you cannot beat having a rally cockpit plugged into your console. Feel every twist and turn and bump in real time, without the danger of hitting a tree or falling off a cliff!

Retro Pocket Games Console


The perfect idea for gamers looking to past the time and are not interesting in mobile phone gaming.

Nintendo Super Mario Race Shaped Cushion


Get comfortable for the gaming ahead with this super comfy Mario Kart cushion.

Retro Arcade – 200 Games


The perfect retro gift for children of the 1980s.

Playstation Icons Light


Featuring the four icon Playstation controller icons, this light is the perfect accessory for a bedroom or a games room to help get you in the mood for a gaming session.

Retro Arcade Machine – 2 Player


This two-player retro game is great fun for special occasions such as a family Christmas. Time to see if your older brother is still better than you.

Invaders Mens Socks


Relive your youth spent in the arcades in these fun Space Invaders socks.

Playstation Stress Controller


Died again on your favourite game? Instead of throwing the controller, destress with this Playstation Stress toy. Vent your frustrations and go back into battle ready for revenge.

3 Pair Assorted Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles and Tails Cotton Socks Unisex 11-13 Mens – Film & TV Characters


Featuring the iconic characters of Sonic Hedgehog 2, these socks would make a great gift for Mega Drive games of the 90s.

3D Cufflinks in Personalised Box – Gaming Controller


While there is no such thing as being too old for gaming, despite what people say, there is a time and place for it. Taking a GameBoy into the office may get you in a bit of trouble, instead, why not wear these personalised games controller cufflinks to brighten up your day.

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