If you think that a person has everything and you can’t decide what to buy, a gift such as food or drink can be a good option as it is something they can consume and not another unwanted gift that will be left lying around or put in the back of a cupboard and forgotten about.

So beer gifts can make a perfect gift for Dad’s, brothers, Uncles, friends and maybe female relatives too, but it would be a good idea to check whether they like beer before spending money on it. You might know your friend or Dad drink a certain beer or lager so it would be best to choose that as people have different tastes and one person may be really happy to receive a box full of Stella someone else may hate that and prefer some cans of Fosters.

You can get boxes of selections of beers which make a great gift they can then taste different beers from around the country or around the world. Some people prefer cans and others bottles. You could make up your own selection or go for a pre-packed box that you can even get sent directly to your friends or relatives. If you are feeling generous you could get them a beer subscription where they receive a box of different beers each month for a year!

Beer lovers may also love to receive a new tankard or glass to drink their beer out of and you can get different designs engraved on them such as Dad, Grandad brother or maybe the recipient’s age if it is a big birthday such as their 18th.

One piece of advice however if you are buying for a true beer lover then steer clear of the novelty beers as they won’t be well received. You could get them a homebrew starter set if you think they would like to experiment with making their own beer. Then if you are lucky they might invite you round to sample it once it is ready to drink.

If you are looking for something more than a case of their usual you could treat your beer lover to a brewery tour and tasting. Or how about a pub beer guide so they always know where there is a good pub with their favourite pint on tap and even organise a pub crawl around a few local pubs and have a pint or 2 in each.

Click here to browse 100s more great Beer Gifts that didn’t quite make our top picks in the Gift Finder


Click here to browse 100s more great Beer Gifts that didn’t quite make our top picks in the Gift Finder



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