Whiskey lovers would obviously love to receive the gift of whiskey, the trouble is you need to do your research because with whiskey there are different types and someone who loves one type of whiskey may dislike another type. It can be confusing but you will do well to find out if you can exactly what type of whiskey they enjoy so as not to disappoint them when they open your gift.

There is Scotch whiskey and Irish Whiskey and whiskeys from other countries to choose from depending on individual choice. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the jargon of different malts and so on, do your research and I’m sure you will find the perfect bottle of whiskey or whiskey gift. Whiskey truffles are a good gift option if you are looking to spend a little less or you can get gift sets with miniature bottles and a few whiskey chocolates perfect as a Christmas gift.

Jack Daniels is a popular whiskey which is unusually smooth in taste and the Jack Daniels brand have made the name into something popular more than a bottle of whiskey so you can get plenty of accessories like Jack Daniels mugs, T-shirts etc, so if you know they like Jack Daniels you will have more choice in gifts rather than just buying them a bottle. If you don’t want to buy a bottle then whiskey glasses always make a great gift too.

You could treat your whiskey fan to a tour around a distillery and some whiskey tasting as a fantastic whiskey gift idea. Then they really will be the master of the malt!

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