Let’s face it. board games are not as popular as they used to be. We all grew up with family arguments over a Christmas Day game of Monopoly. However, these days, they seem, well, old fashioned and boring to most people. The idea of taking a game out of a board and setting it up before playing for a couple of hours is an alien concept for many people; where do you turn on it, what are the graphics like, what does it do? However, here at My Poor Wallet, we think that this is grossly unfair. Not only are the classic board games as much fun as ever to play, but new releases can rival even the latest computer games for fun. The question, therefore, is where do you begin when picking a board game. What are the best games for experienced gamers, or people looking to dip a toe into non-screen related fun? While choice can be good, too much choice can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Whatever your level of experience in the world of tabletop gaming, whatever your level of interest or genre; from games where you have to work together with your fellow players to achieve an objective to games where you have to pound your rivals face (metaphorically, at least, we hope!) into the board, we have handpicked the best games for games of any level. There are games that are perfect for starters, games that are based around classic TV and Movies and games which seem oddly relevant at the moment; yes, we are looking at you, Pandemic!

Whether you decide to buy a game for a present or treat yourself, you cannot go far wrong with these choices. Enjoy!


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