Imagine books in a home and most of you will imagine a large, tall, and spacious bookshelf standing somewhere in the living room or the bedroom filled with hundreds of books. However, not everyone has a mini-library or even big bookshelf in their houses. For the most part, people only own a few books standing on beside or atop the television set in the living room. With that, there could be tendencies when these books could fall down.

Many people solve this problem by simply having the books lean on the wall or just pile them up like paperwork. There is a tool, however, that helps support books and keeps them from falling down.

These tools, called bookends, are usually tall, huge, and sturdy enough to keep books from falling down when attached on both ends of the book pile, which usually stands upright. Heavy bookends made from different materials ranging from wood to marble have been used by libraries as well as homes for centuries. These bookends use the books’ weight so that they could stand upright and prevent them from falling down. Several things, from wooden wedges to marble busts, have been used as bookends although simple metal brackets have been used by libraries specifically for this purpose.

While many bookends have been crafted with elaborate and unique designs through the years, many modern and unique designs of bookends have been created and featured in magazines and the Internet. Furthermore, these bookends have been an integral part of home decor and make interiors more interesting. Many modern designs of bookends from mini-statues and huge blocks of letters to more abstract designs have been popular and used in homes for decoration.

Designs for bookends have changed over time, but their artistic and practical purposes have remained the same. Bookends were made not just to organize books in homes, shops, and library, but also to add to the aesthetic appeal of their interiors.


Rainbow And Cloud Children’s Bookends


A perfect gift for a new child; these books will look great in a nursery or child’s bedroom. Watch as they grow further and further apart through years of reading.

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Jack Russell Bookends


These Jack Russell bookends make a fantastic gift idea for a dog lover in your life.

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Disney Christopher Robin Winnie The Pooh Bookends


Brighten up a bedroom or home study with these Winnie the Pooh bookends. Featuring iconic images of London, these are perfect for Pooh fans.

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Royal Selangor Teddy Pewter Bookends


These ultra cute teddy bar themed bookends are the perfect accessory for a kid’s bedroom.

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Victorian Camera Bookends


Based upon a classic Victorian camera design, these bookends are a fun little gift idea for anyone with an interest in photography.

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Pair Of Vintage Style Bicycle Bookends


You don’t have to be a fan of cycling or cycling books to see how stylish these vintage bicycle bookends are.

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Day Dreams Bookends


Perfect for a child’s bedroom, these bookends are a great place to store the ever growing collection of bedtime storybooks.

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Sweet Dreams Star & Moon Bookends


If you read your child a bedtime story, then what’s better than bookends which will help them dream of all the lands you read about.

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Terminator 2 Judgement Day Bookends


Sent back from the future, these stunning Terminator 2 themed bookends are the perfect item for any film buff out there. Based on the iconic T-800 Terminator head, these bookends might not be much help in stopping Skynet but they will hold your books firmly in place.

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These stunning bookends are perfect for fans of the Beatrix Potter hero.

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SmartScents by PartyLite™ Holder – A to Z Bookends


You’ve heard of reading a book from front to back, now get your A-Z in order with these bookends from Smartscents.

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SmartScents by PartyLite™ Holder – Woodland Bookends


Want more out of your bookends than just tidy books? These Smartscent bookends not only hold your books in place but also create a nice smell throughout your room.

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Cranleigh Golden White Quartz Bookends


A stylish and modern, yet as old as the universe, bookend collection. Perfect for a minimalist home.

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Tom Dixon Decorative Objects – ‘Swirl’ stepped bookends, set of two in Multi Marble powder


These bookends are a little more expensive than normal, however, for the price you are getting not only super stylish Tom Dixon bookends, but quality that will last for years to come.

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Silver Lighthouse Bookends


Does your reading collection help you dream of lands far away. These stylish lighthouse bookends are a great starting point across the ocean of stories.

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Europa Elephant Carved 23cm Bookends


A fantastic, and functional gift for elephant fans of all ages. They will look great in display cabinets for non readers.

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Harry Potter Bookends


What better to keep your Harry Potter book collection looking nice and tidy than Harry Potter bookends. Based on the classic Platform 9 1/2, these bookends are but functional and great looking. The perfect gift idea for a Harry Potter fan of any age.

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