Giraffes are known for their unique and fun spots. Who do you know who loves these amazing animals? This list is sure to strike a chord with the special person in your life that also adores giraffes! Check out some of our favorite giraffe gifts, below!

  • Set Of Eight Giraffe Gift Tags

    Set Of Eight Giraffe Gift Tags

    You’re looking at a set of 8 gift tags that are perfect for any occasion! Each tag is tied together with thick brown twine, making them the perfect addition to your gifts this year. The back is left blank so you can write whatever message you like or leave it plain if you prefer!
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  • Personalised 'Giraffe' Print, Green/Pink

    Personalised ‘Giraffe’ Print, Green/Pink

    If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to be loved, then look no further than this Personalised ‘Giraffe’ Print. This print features an adorable giraffe design and can be personalised with any name up to 12 characters long. The perfect present for kids or adults alike!
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  • Personalised Baby Giraffe Costume

    Personalised Baby Giraffe Costume

    You can't help but smile when you see how happy your child looks wearing such an adorable outfit. They look like they're ready to go out and explore the world with their new set of legs! Imagine all the photos you'll get from people who stop them on the street because they think they've seen a real life baby giraffe! Everyone loves animals, especially baby ones, so everyone will love seeing your little one dressed up as one too! Now that's something worth smiling about...and sharing online too 😉
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  • Personalised Giraffe And Raccoon Glasses Cloth

    Personalised Giraffe And Raccoon Glasses Cloth

    What better way to protect your glasses than with this unique and personalised Giraffe and Raccoon glasses cloth? This is a great gift for anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses. Protects the lenses from scratches, dust, oil, dirt and grime. The design features a watercoloured Giraffe and Raccoon in pink flowers on a blue background. It has an adjustable strap so it can be worn as a headband too!
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  • Giraffe Print

    Giraffe Print

    If your child loves giraffes as much as we do, then this print would be perfect for his or her bedroom wall. It will make an excellent addition to any animal themed nursery too. The bright colours of the design will surely catch your child's attention while he or she plays around the room. This print is available in different sizes so it won't take up too much space on the wall either. You can even get matching prints if you want to create a theme or your kid's room!
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  • Rothschild's Giraffe Illustration Mug

    Rothschild’s Giraffe Illustration Mug

    You're a lover of wildlife and giraffes, so why not have both in one mug?
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  • Sale! Celebrations Double Aperature Giraffe & Teddies Photo Frame

    Celebrations Double Aperature Giraffe & Teddies Photo Frame

    Now that you’ve got your hands full, we thought you could use some help organizing those baby photos. We have the perfect solution for you – our double aperture photo frame with giraffe and teddies design is just what you need to keep track of all those precious memories. The frame has two openings so that both parents can add their own favourite pictures of their little bundle of joy. It also comes with an easel stand so it can be displayed on any flat surface in the nursery or living room, making it easy to admire your new addition whenever you want.
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  • Ratatam! Kids Giraffe Animal Disguise & Accessory

    Ratatam! Kids Giraffe Animal Disguise & Accessory

    Kids will enjoy the Ratatam! Animal Disguise & Accessory for hours of creative, imaginative play. It comes in a soft faux fur with lined cotton and can be used as a blanket once they are tuckered out from playing house or school. Now their reading naptime won't feel like it is off schedule because when they get home all icky they just need to put on this suit and go back to being happy little animals again!
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  • OYOY Giraffe Toy

    OYOY Giraffe Toy

    We’ve all been there. You tuck in your little one and turn out the lights, only for them to start crying a few minutes later. They want their favourite toy or blanket back—and they won’t stop until they get it! This can be frustrating if it happens every night, but what are you supposed to do? Your kid is not going to suddenly fall asleep without that special something…or will he? The OYOY Giraffe plush toy has a built-in sound machine that plays soft music. That means that when your child holds onto this cute giraffe, he or she can drift off into dreamland with no fuss at all! No more tears and tantrums because of lost favourites; just happy kids who go right down for bedtime after snuggling up with their new friend. Plus, the OYOY Giraffe makes an excellent
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  • Pasotti Women Luxe Giraffe Umbrella, Double Cloth

    Pasotti Women Luxe Giraffe Umbrella, Double Cloth

    When it’s raining, you want to stay dry. And when the sun comes out, you want a stylish umbrella that won’t break your bank account.
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  • Giraffe Wall Cold Cast Bronze Coat Hook 20cm

    Giraffe Wall Cold Cast Bronze Coat Hook 20cm

    Giraffes are a great way to liven up your home and have a practical solution for coats or hanging items. They're really cool to look at, but they also add character to any room in the house. The hooks can be used as coat hangers, towel racks, or even just decorative pieces on their own. These bronze animal head hooks are sure to make you smile every time you see them! You'll love how unique they are and that there's no other place like this online where you can find such an awesome product!
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  • Adopt a Giraffe

    Adopt a Giraffe

    Adopt a giraffe today and help them thrive! These animals are at risk as their natural habitats are being systematically destroyed. The only way to save these beautiful creatures is by raising awareness of the issue. So adopt a giraffe today! This gift set includes a plush toy, adoption certificate, and an informational pamphlet about how you can help save these majestic creatures.
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  • Glenmorangie Original Giraffe Gift Box, 70 cl

    Glenmorangie Original Giraffe Gift Box, 70 cl

    The original and the best. A great gift for anyone who appreciates a fine whisky. This is a great gift to give someone who loves Glenmorangie Original Malt Whisky. It’s also perfect for those looking to try something new!
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  • Giraffe Baby Born To Be Wild White and Oatmeal Toy BA0050
  • Giraffe Plant Pot

    Giraffe Plant Pot

    This is a plant pot for your succulent or cactus. It’s shaped like a giraffe! How cute and quirky is that? You can even put it on display. Your plants will love their new home, just make sure to keep them watered! They are very sensitive to dryness. If you forget, they might die
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  • Zappi Co Large Giraffe Soft Toy

    Zappi Co Large Giraffe Soft Toy

    This large smiley standing giraffe is a great gift for any child. The Zappi Co Large Giraffe Soft Toy makes play times fun and will be loved by both children and adults alike. It’s made from soft materials, making it ideal to cuddle up with on those cold winter nights. With its big eyes, long legs, and cute face this toy has been designed to make you smile every time you see it! Whether they are playing in the garden or snuggling down in bed at night this toy will become their best friend.
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  • Personalised Notebook - Giraffe Sketch

    Personalised Notebook – Giraffe Sketch

    Whether they’re heading off to college or starting work at their first job, these fun notebooks will make them feel like they have something special waiting for them when they get home each day.
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