We’ve got you covered. From the most popular gifts to the best of British, we have something for everyone on your list. Whether it’s a birthday present or just because, we’ve got all sorts of things that are perfect for any occasion.

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New English Teas London Sights Mini Tea Tin Gift with Loose-Leaf Black Tea


This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves tea. With this tin, you’ll get a delicious black tea from England’s capital city. The tin comes with 20 individually wrapped sachets of loose-leaf tea and an illustrated map of London on the inside lid. You can’t go wrong with this!

10 Key Chain Ring London Keyrings Keychain Tags GB Icon Mini Brelock Gift Souvenir England Union Jack Key Rings Bus…


You know how it is. Keys are always getting lost, and then you’re left with one key that’s too big to fit in your pocket or purse. It’s time for a change! With this 10 Key Chain Ring London Keyrings Keychain Tags GB Icon Mini Brelock Gift Souvenir England Union Jack Key Rings Bus Tower UK British Fobs (10 Keychain Souvenir), you’ll never be without the right key again!

Cath Kidston Beauty London View Cosmetic Travel Pouch Gift Set with Hand Cream and Hand Sanitisers, 30 ml and 15 ml Each


You’re a beauty junkie and you love to travel. We’ve got the perfect gift for you! This Cath Kidston Beauty London View Cosmetic Travel Pouch Gift Set is packed with everything you need to look your best while on the go. It includes a hand cream, hand sanitisers, and more!

Rollerball Pens – Set of 3 Soldier Head Union Jack Ball Pens, London Souvenir Collectable


If you’re looking for a new pen, look no further than these British-themed rollerball pens. These Union Jack ballpoint pens are perfect for anyone who loves to show their patriotism and love of London. They come in three different colours – red, white, and blue – so there’s one for everyone! Plus they have the soldier head on them which is just too cool.

Shot Glasses with Round Gold Rim – London Scene and Polular Icons Printed Shot Glass Set, London Collectable Souvenir


These Shot Glasses are perfect for any occasion! They come with 12 different designs printed on them so there’s always something new to try. Whether it be your favourite drink or just some random concoction, these glasses will make drinking more fun than ever before!

London Souvenirs Porcelain Mugs Set of 3 London, Mugs, with Gift Box. (London)


Do you love London? We’ve got the perfect gift for you! Our porcelain mugs are made with high-quality materials and come in a beautiful box. You can use them to drink your morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Or fill it up with some of your favourite wine or champagne and enjoy it on a cold winter night. They’re also great for holding pens, pencils, makeup brushes – anything that needs to be stored away but still easily accessible!

London Underground Roundel Logo Cushion/Pillow


This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves London. The iconic roundel logo of the London Underground has been turned into a cushion and it’s available in three different colours! It also comes with an envelope so you can send it as a present to someone special.

#1 Bestselling All In One School Kit – London Souvenir – Pen / Pencil Case, Sharpener, Eraser / Rubber, Ruler (inches/cm…


The London Souvenir School Kit Set is one of the best selling school kits. It contains everything your child needs for their first day at school, including pencils, pens, rulers and erasers. This set has been designed to fit in with the latest trends in education and will make an ideal gift for any child starting out on their journey through life.

LONDON GIFT: Novelty London Journal, Present for London Personalized Name, London Birthday Present, London Appreciation…


London is a great place to visit, but it’s even better when you’re there with the right company.: Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves their city or just want to treat yourself, we’ve got something perfect for you. Our Gin in Summer Cocktails Gift Box includes two bottles of our award-winning London Dry Gin and an assortment of summer cocktails recipes from some of the best bartenders in town. It’s all wrapped up in one beautifully designed package that will make anyone feel like they’re on vacation!

Horse Guards London Dry Gin in Summer Cocktails Gift Box, 70cl, 42% ABV, Distilled in London. Premium Gin Award Winning.


Horse Guards is a premium gin distilled in London and has won many awards for its quality. The box includes two bottles of the award-winning gin, one bottle of tonic water, three limes, six lemons and a cocktail shaker to mix up some delicious cocktails like the G&T or Pimm’s Cup.

New English Teas Vintage London Tea Tin with 40 English Breakfast teabags


You know what they say, “Tea is the most civilized thing in the world.” Well, we’re here to tell you that’s not true. Tea tins are the most civilized things in this world. And if you want a tea tin with 40 English Breakfast teabags inside it, then we’ve got just the one for you!

London Bus Kids School Bag Best of British Backpack Rucksack Water Proof Kids Souvenir Gift


This London Bus Kids School Bag Best of British Backpack Rucksack Water Proof Kids Souvenir Gift is the perfect bag to take on any adventure. It’s designed with a water-resistant material and has padded straps, so you can be sure it will hold up well in all sorts of weather conditions. Plus, it’s got plenty of pockets to store everything from pencils to snacks!

Puckator FF30 Solar-Powered Dancing Queen Ornament, Purple, L x 8 cm W x 10 cm H


This solar-powered Dancing Queen Ornament is the perfect addition to any home. It’s made of durable plastic and has a beautiful purple colour that will look great with any holiday decor. Plus, it’s powered by the sun so you don’t have to worry about batteries!

New English Teas Best of British Mini Tea Tins with Loose-Leaf Black Tea, MT62


If you’re looking for a new tea, we’ve got something special for you.

These tins are filled with the best of British loose-leaf black teas. They come in three flavors – English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast – so there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. Plus they’re perfect for gifting or sampling different types of tea without committing to a whole box!

Mind the Gap TfL Card Game | Card Matching Game for Adults & Kids | Presented in a London Underground travel tin for…


Mind the Gap is a card game for 2-4 players. It’s quick to learn, easy to play and always fun. You can be playing in minutes with no reading or writing required. There are two ways to win the game – either by getting rid of all your cards first or by having more points than any other player when you get down to one card left in your hand. This makes it perfect for people who want something fast and simple but still competitive enough that they don’t feel like they’re just sitting around waiting their turn.

CubicFun 3D Puzzles UK London Bridge Big Ben City Skyline Jigsaw Puzzle DIY Building Model Kits Gift and Souvenir for…


These puzzles come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be put together using glue or without it. The pieces are made of high quality cardboard that won’t bend easily so they’re safe for children too! All our puzzles have been designed by professional designers who make sure each puzzle is unique and challenging enough to keep adults entertained as well as kids!

YONGHUI I Love My Country UK London British Union Jack Flag Patriotic Key Chain Keyrings for Men Women Family Friends…


You’ve found the perfect gift for your loved ones! This YONGHUI I Love My Country UK London British Union Jack Flag Patriotic Key Chain Keyrings is made of high quality material and it will last long. It also has a beautiful design that will make people take notice. Get this now before they are all gone!

10 x Best Mix of Great British Keyrings London Icons Union Jack Brelock UK Souvenir Metal Key Rings by Sale2Save


This is the perfect set of 10 British-themed metal keyrings. The designs are all different and include iconic London icons such as Big Ben, the Union Jack, and Buckingham Palace. They also come with a free tin to store them in!

TOTAL GIFT 6 pcs Fridge Magnets I Love London England Souvenirs Magnet England


These magnets are a great way to show your love for England. They’re perfect for the fridge, office desk, or any magnetic surface. And they’re made of high quality silver plated metal and Swarovski crystals!