Wedding gifts are sometimes hard to buy these days as so many couples live together and build a home together before they tie the knot. They may have had their own places before moving in together too so could already have double of everything! So you can’t always buy traditional things like towels, cutlery, toasters and kettles! Wedding lists are a good idea if the couple does want things for the home and maybe see their new life as a married couple the ideal time to kit the house out with some new items. The last thing they want is to get 5 kettles and enough glasses to open a pub.


Sometimes it is the case that couples will say they don’t want gifts and just request your company for the special day and sometimes they may ask for money if they are saving for a honeymoon or holiday of a lifetime or maybe they would like it to put towards home renovations. Then sometimes it is left ambiguous and you don’t know if they want gifts, money or nothing but the pleasure of your company.


We are here to help you find the perfect wedding gift for your friends and family. Something unique and personalised is often a great option. You can see we have some fantastic personalised gift options which will make your gift stand out from the crowd and be something the couple treasure for years to come. Not everything is very expensive and things like just married flip-flops or matching dressing gowns are a fun idea. Or personalised luggage tags and passport holders are a nice idea if the couple are planning to go away on their honeymoon straight after the wedding. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of bubbly and personalising the label adds a special thoughtful touch to your gift.

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