20 Great Christening Gifts for Boys

Do you need some help deciding on a Christening gift for a baby boy? There are some wonderful gift ideas here, you will be spoilt for choice.



A special little boy is being Christened, you have your invitation and smart outfit for the ceremony and all you need now is a gift for the gorgeous little man. Well, what do you buy that won’t be run of the mill and the same as everyone else? Obviously, there are the traditional gifts that are ideal for the Godparents to buy like the commemorative bibble and the Christening silver spoon. If you are a Godparent try to liaise with the other Godparents so they don’t end up with repetitions.

Personalised gifts

Christenings are the perfect time for buying personalised gifts as the little or maybe not so little boy is officially given his name and start his journey of faith. You can get so many different things personalised the list is endless. From cute teddies with names and dates embroidered on them to traditional Christening plates, photograph frames and blankets.



You are likely to want your gift to be something the child’s parents will want to keep and treasure for years to come. Ideas such as first curl and first tooth boxes are lovely as something to keep. There are some beautiful wooden toys available that make perfect Christening gifts. For example a wooden  Noahs Ark with all the animals to play with. There are lots of gorgeous wooden gifts if you are looking for a big gift a wooden personalised toy box is a fab choice so they can learn to keep their toys tidy! Or a little chair and table would be a super gift. Silver gifts are also popular for Christening gifts with money boxes and keepsake boxes and cutlery. Commemorative glass blocks or stars are a lovely gift idea too they can be displayed in the babies nursery and kept for many years.

Other gifts

You don’t have to buy something that they will keep forever and to be honest sometimes you can get far too many things like that so if you aren’t close family it may be a good idea to buy maybe a nice outfit for the little boy. Or a book is always a good option young children love to look and books and can never have too many. 

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