You will find that there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers that are available to customers, ranging in sizes, shapes, battery capacity, levels of durability and colour. It can be a very daunting task trying to find the perfect speaker to match up to your needs. To help you with your selection, you should think about trying to figure out a rough idea for what you would like in a Bluetooth speaker by asking yourself a few questions:

– Will you need wired or wireless speakers?
– What will you be using it for?
– How do you want it to look?
– What kind of environment will you be using it in?
– Will speaker size be important?
– What kind of battery life would you need?

These questions can all be kept in mind as you navigate the information outlining a lot of the attributes and the features that are available. This should help you to narrow down any features that are important to you. Bluetooth speakers can be put into three general sizing categories, including portable, Semi-portable and Ultra-portable.

The smallest category of speakers is what is known as Ultra-portable. These devices are pocket-sized and contain a singular speaker driver arrangement, sometimes having an outer case that expands to enhance the performance of the bass. These will come in a range of shapes, and the devices are smaller and lighter, making them convenient if you would like something that can be easily stored for travel. However, with the single speaker driver and low power, the output volume will be limited, so it will be better suited for smaller spaces and applications where you will have lower ambient background noise.

Portable is the mid-size category of Bluetooth speakers. They are larger, have more power and can use a 2 to 4 speaker driver arrangement. They will incorporate passive bass subwoofers, sometimes referred to as resonators, which will give richer, more powerful sound reproduction. Larger speaker construction will allow for batteries with higher capacity to give higher wattage output, which can be anywhere from 6 to 20 watts, and offer longer playback times. This will make the portable mid-size Bluetooth speakers much more popular when you never want to compromise in battery life, power, sound quality or portability. The middle range portable speakers are usually small enough to fit easily into rucksacks, travel backs, beach totes, and are never too heavy depending on the battery size and speaker arrangement. This really makes for a good speaker that you can use on the go.

A semi-portable Bluetooth speakers will represent units that you can use in your home, but may also carry them outside from time to time. These are speakers that are usually larger and a bit heavier than a mid-size portable variety, usually about the size of a shoebox or a larger handbag, and may have a handle that is moulded for easier carrying. Because the physical size is larger, the speaker arrangement will usually be able to take on a higher power driver, usually up to about 50 watts. It is not all that uncommon for these Bluetooth speakers to have WiFi capability, DAB radio functions and airplay streaming. If you would like a speaker that stays put most of the time, yet can be unplugged occasionally to use outside, a semi-portable option may suit your needs.

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