There is nothing nicer than receiving a homemade gift either something made by the person giving you the gift or something they have bought but has been homemade with lots of loving care. Somehow it feels so much more personal and special than something that has been mass produced.

Homemade gifts often cost less in terms of money but definitely cost more in terms of time and thought put in. You don’t have to be amazing at crafts to be able to produce a homemade gift. There are lots of ideas on the internet where you can follow instructions and make your very own homemade gifts.

A great idea for homemade gifts is making your own bath bombs and soaps which you can package in your own individual way. The ingredients are fairly easy to get hold of and you can have fun making them so both parties get something out of the gift. You can make edible gifts such as jams and chutneys that are sure to be a hit with friends and family. Or how about making your own homebrew for your friends to sample!
If you can knit then you can make hat and scarves as gifts or even jumpers and cardigans if you have the time to invest. It is possible to turn your hobbies into gifts so if you enjoy painting you could paint pictures as gifts or if you like photography then print some of your work and give them as gifts. The list of ideas is extensive and if you have the time to invest then you could be making gifts for all occasions before you know it.
So cheer up your friends and loved ones today with some extra special homemade gifts that will beat shop bought gifts any day of the week.