Depehousewarmingstage of home ownership the recipients are will probably have an influence over what you buy for them as a house warming gift. What you buy for someone who is moving into their first home is quite likely to be different to what you buy someone who is moving home who already has all the basics. There will be more choices of things to buy for a new home owner because you could buy them more of the practical things like crockery, towels, glasses etc whereas someone who has already lived in their own home is more likely to have these things although it is often nice to receive new mugs, towels for a new home and new start so you don’t necessarily have to rule these things out as gifts.


It can be hard buying something for someones home unless you are sure that you know their taste and what they like will it go with the rest of their decor etc. So it may be a bit easier for a close friend whom you know inside out and can be sure they will love what you choose for their home rather than wanting to hide it away in a cupboard only to be taken out for when you come round. A lovely housewarming gift could be a photo frame or a vase or you could buy them something practical for the kitchen, you can never have enough lasagne dishes right?

If you are completely stuck for ideas why not have a look at novelty gifts you can’t go wrong with those. We have found some great gifts for you to browse and get some house warming gift ideas from.