Some people can seem so hard to buy for when you think they have everything they could possibly want so what do you buy for these people? Experience days make a fantastic thoughtful gift for someone whom you want to treat to the ultimate gift. Physical gifts are lovely and appreciated, but I think an experience can make an even better gift as it gives the person memories that last forever. People often have so much stuff these days that an experience is a far more appreciated gift and you know it isn’t something that will be put in the drawer and forgotten about.

Initially, when you think of Experience Days, do you think of something extreme and adrenaline-inducing such as skydiving or driving a super fast car around a track? If you do you are not alone and don’t get me wrong these are amazing experience gifts but they don’t have to be such exhilarating experiences. An experience day could be at a spa or a river cruise, a photography shoot and so on there is something for everyone.

You can find an experience to suit your recipient and your budget. There are so many different experiences to choose from or you can give a gift card so they can choose their own experience. Some friends will love the thrill of an adventurous activity whereas others will be filled with dread if faced with something like that, for them, you can choose maybe a cocktail mixing experience or afternoon tea for two!

The list of experiences is never ending so get searching for the perfect experience days for all of your friends and family. Gift experiences are particularly good for special occasions such as an 18th or a special wedding anniversary, but they don’t have to be it could be for any birthday or celebration. The look on a persons face when they receive a gift experience is priceless!

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