20 Money Box Gift ideas

Do you know someone who is always saving for something? Or maybe they always have a pile of coins laying on the side in different rooms. Then a money box could make the perfect gift for them, to put that money to use and treat themselves to something nice, it soon adds up.

Money boxes make brilliant presents for children to encourage them to save up for things that they really want. Money boxes come in all shapes and sizes maybe you could choose one in the shape of the child’s favourite character and you can always add a couple of pounds to get them started on their saving journey. You can even get money boxes that will count the money as you put it in, these would be great as a gift.

Money boxes are also fantastic as a gift for adults. You can get beautiful hand painted money pots that have painted on what they are saving for, for example, holiday fund, honeymoon fund etc. A wonderful engagement present and something a bit different could be a money box dedicated for saving towards the wedding or hen and stag parties and so on. You could get a 17-year-old a money box to save for their first car. Money boxes are also a popular gift to give at a Christening for the baby or child being Christened you can get some lovely silver ones or pottery ones maybe a Peter rabbit one or Thomas the Tank Engine one would be great for these occasions.

Not only are money boxes a practical gift they also look great on a shelf in a child’s bedroom or in the living room for example. Take a look at these Money box gift ideas for some inspiration.


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