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Movie Quotes (Tee shirt) the sequel Throw Pillow


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Super soft 100% spun polyester throw pillow. More movie lines.”I’ll get you my pretty and you’re dog too” Wizard of OZ”Your’e only supposed to blow the bloody door off” The Italian Job”If you build it, he will come” Field of Dreams”Now I know what a TV dinner feels like” Die Hard”Who’s on first” The Naughty Nineties”May the force be with you” Star Wars”Here’s looking at you kid” Casablanca”Go ahead make my day” Dirty Harry”You talkin’ to me” Taxi Driver”We rob banks” Bonnie and Clyde” A martini, shaken not stirred” James Bond”Well nobodies perfect” Some like it Hot”A boys best friend is his mother” Psycho”Show me the money” Jerry Mquire!,baby_blue,mens,ffffff.jpg!!,375×360,ffffff.jpg!!,375×360.png!


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