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R2 D2 Desk Hoover


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We all have that colleague who eats their lunch at their desk and just can not help but end up stuck under a pile of crumbs. Whether it’s the remains of a sandwich or a few stray crisps that missed their mouth. If you’re looking for a secret Santa gift for your messy work mate, then why not give them the greatest gift of all? A side-kick! And not just any old side-kick, the world famous astromech drioid… R2D2! In miniature form, this helpful robot has a hoover function. Powered by a USB, and without his protocol droid C3PO in tow, he will sit in wait as you chow down on your favourite snacks, until he is needed to suck up any mess. To get R2 started simply press the button on his head and press again to turn him off. Once he’s full, just twist his head and empty the contents with ease, straight into the bin. The perfect gift for a Star Wars fanatic, they’ll not only have a super tidy desk, but the support of their right-hand robot will be sure to help them with their productivity throughout the day! Dimensions (approx.): H13.5cm Please note: Because of a potential choking hazard, we advise that this product is suitable for ages 6 years +


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