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Slytherin Harry Potter Fleece Christmas Stocking Woven Badge 47x30cm


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On Christmas morning there is nothing better than waking up to see a stocking full of treats for a Harry Potter fan imagine your stocking being the one of your treasured house Beautifully embroidered with the sigil of Slytherin you can hang this stocking with pride of placement on Christmas morning Made from ultrasoft fluffy polyester the quality of this magical stocking is astounding! Size 29cm (W) x 47cm (H) x 15cm (D) The dream gift for any Hogwarts student Its a cold Christmas morning in the Slytherin common room and the fires are raging as the tree lights magically glisten around the room Hanging from the mantlepiece is this amazing house-sigil-embroidered stocking full with magical gifts and wonderous treats ready for you dig into and unwrap Designed with ultrasoft fluffy polyester and with generous volume – you can hang your Slytherin stocking with pride Specification Harry Potter Xmas Stocking Slytherin Measures approx 29cm (W) x 47cm (H) x 15cm (D) Decorated with a stand-out Slytherin emblem Fluffy polyester finish 100 officially licensed merchandise


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