Star Wars Droid Gift Ideas

Whilst not commanding as much frame or respect as their human (and sometimes less human) counterparts, droids play an important role for both sides in the Star Wars franchise

Whether it is stashing away secret plans to help defeat the evil empire, or providing a walking encyclopedia and speaking all the languages, the heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe wouldn’t be where they are today without their electronic helpers – even those strange mail delivering, vacuum cleaning robots from the Death Star!!

With this in mind, we present some great droid based gift ideas for fans of the Star Wars saga.

bb8 gift ideas

BB8 Gift Ideas.

Brilliant BB8 gift ideas for Star Wars lovers and anyone who loves BB8. Who can resist everyone’s favourite droid and some brilliant gifts for birthdays and Christmas for all the family.


r2d2 gift ideas

20 R2D2 Gift Ideas.

The lovable droid R2-D2 will put a smile on any Star Wars fans face and there are some amazing R2-D2 gifts available to take them to another galaxy.


c3p0 gift ideas

credit: Igor Karimov 

C3P0 Gift Ideas.

As annoying as he is, C3P0 plays a key role in the success of the rebellion in the original Star Wars saga. C3P0’s seemingly unlimited knowledge of the university and his God-like status to the Ewoks has saved the day many a time for our heroes. Now, if only he would stop telling us the odds….

credit: Eric Ding

Other Star Wars Droid Gift Ideas.

While the sections above have contained gift ideas for the most famous droids in the Star Wars universe, they are certainly not the only ones to have played a key role.  Here we give thanks to the less known droids of the series, including Droideka, R4-P17, C1-10P, IG-88, K-2SO and L3-37, amongst many others.




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