20 Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers work so very hard throughout the year educating and caring for our children and if your child has had a good, great or even amazing teacher you are likely to want to show your appreciation and what better way than to buy them a gift. Or even make them something if you have the time and creativity. Coming up with teacher gift ideas seems to become harder and harder each year so we are here to help with the task as the end of term approaches.

Teachers not only receive gifts at the end of the school year but often at Christmas too so you want to try and find something that isn’t just going to clutter up their home or classroom and get them a gift that will really stand out from the rest of the class. What do teachers really want as a gift? They must get enough chocolates and biscuits to keep them going all year round and you could treat them to their favourite tipple if you know what they like to drink. Flowers are a lovely gift, but as lovely as they are no one wants to be inundated with 30 bunches of flowers!

Personalised gifts are great and add something special so the teacher can remember your little darling in years to come. We have found some fab personalised teacher gift ideas such as mugs for the staff room, personalised pencil cases and so on so do take a look.

A wonderful idea is you could get a collection going with other parents in the class and then put funds together to buy them something more expensive either a physical gift or an experience. Experiences are great because it is something they can enjoy in the school holidays and not going to clutter their homes especially if they have been teaching for many years. I’m sure after a long hard year a teacher wouldn’t turn down a trip to the spa or afternoon tea at a posh hotel.

Whatever you buy I’m sure your child’s teacher will feel appreciated for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year.


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