Retirement can be a worrying and anxious time for some not knowing how they will spend all their spare time now they aren’t having to work all the hours they have got used to over the years for others it is an exciting time where you can plan to do things you have always wanted to do but never had the time. Some are lucky enough to retire early and can plan to spend their days playing golf, meeting friends for coffee and going on amazing holidays. It is important you plan some things to do with your time so you don’t become lonely and isolated. There are often plenty of clubs and activities going on to keep your body and mind active.

If you know a colleague who you work with who is retiring it is a lovely gesture to buy them a gift to congratulate them on their retirement and to wish them a happy retirement. You may also want to buy a gift for a friend or family member to commemorate their upcoming retirement and we have plenty of ideas for you to help with your choice of gift.

You may want to get them a more traditional gift such as a watch or crystal decanter with glasses or you may opt for something fun and more of a jokey gift or maybe something related to something they will enjoy doing with their new found freedom or even an experience rather than a physical gift. You might be able to club together with workmates to buy a more expensive between you.

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