What you buy as a Christening gift can possibly be determined by how you are related to the baby or child who is being Christened. If you are a Godparent or Grandparent you will most likely want to get something as a keepsake that they can keep and look back in years to come and remember who bought what. If you are friends of the family a special toy or book or an outfit may be more appropriate.

There are a lot of ideas for Christening Gifts for boys. Sentimental gifts include money boxes, tooth and curl boxes to put the first tooth and a lock of hair in. A first bible is often given as a gift for a Christening from a Godparent and also books such as a Nursery Rhyme Collection or maybe The Peter Rabbit books make lovely special gifts or a beautiful handmade wooden toy.

personalized gifts are a great idea for a Christening gift and the list of things you can get personalized as a Christening gift for a boy is extensive. From things like blankets or baby towels with the child’s name and date of birth embroidered on one corner which are practical as well as a keepsake. Soft toys make a lovely gift and they can be personalized too. Silver spoons or photo frames can be engraved or a cute little child size wicker chair with name and birth date or date of Christening painted on makes a wonderful gift.

I think the biggest challenge with Christening gifts is to ensure you aren’t going to get the baby the same as someone else. There is the possibility that they will end up with 5 bibles and 7 money boxes and 10 teddy bears, which would be a shame. People don’t tend to do a gift list for Christenings, but if you can liaise with other guests and the parents to try and minimise the number of duplicated gifts that will help. Especially if you are getting something personalized because they won’t be able to change it.

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